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His musical roots run deep into the early 90’s sound when he got himself into the british techno music scene. In 1989 he first joined forces with another musician - Cristian Vogel and formed the Super_Collider duo, that released two studio albums and than pushed the hold button on more material.

Therefore since 2000 Lidell has been working solo and produced/recorded the Muddlin Gear - his debut LP, but it wasn’t until Multiply, five years later, came out that Lidell’s work really caught the attention of a wider audience. Tracks of this album got used in variuous popular adverts, tv series and tv in general.

Jamie also began to perform more as a solo act which showcased his remarkable stage energy and ideas and also uncovered Jamie as a highly skilled beat box artist. Going solo as a producer/performer did not make Jamie Lidell stop collaborating and features from Chilly Gonzales, Mocky, Simian Mobile Disco and Feist came along nicely. On the other hand a cover performance of his Litlle Brother, done by Grizzly Bear got featured on the prestigious Warp20 (Recreated) comp from Warp Records.
In 2006 came the Multiply Additions LP and in 2008 Jim, which brought Lidell the IMA (Independent Music Award) a year later as Best Pop/Rock Album.
Three years ago Jamie Lidell put out his Compass LP, all produced by Beck, which featured a track used as a OST for Red Dead Redemption video game.
His latest studio album is Jamie Lidell entroduced to the public in 2013 which he will be performing live during this years’ Tauron Nowa Muzyka Festival.

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